3 Winter Wines with Massimo Sensi of Sensi Winery (VIRTUAL WINE TASTING)


Italian Traditions, Dishes, and Ambitions for 2021

Winter Wine Tasting with Massimo Sensi: Sensi Winery (VIRTUAL TASTING)We have been warned all year WINTER IS COMING!!! Well my friends winter is here and we are home…STILL! And trying to stay sane…STILL!

So why not escape with me as we warm our hearts, bodies, and souls with a taste of Tuscany at Home. It goes without saying we would rather be sipping wine while staring at the rolling hills of Tuscany, rather than the glaring light of our computer screens.

But, when life gives us grapes we make sangria. I mean we make wine. Sangria sounded more like lemonade so I went with it. But when life gives us grapes we FOR SURE make wine, pure wine!

What makes us human is our ability to adapt to whatever life throws our way. We are clearly Super Humans as we continue to pivot and push forward.

With that we continue our conversation with 4th generation wine producer Massimo Sensi of Sensi Winery.

Sensi Winery started growing grapes in 1890 and selling their wine in 1895 by delivering Chianti with a horse and cart to Florence and the countryside. Today, they are the number one selling Chianti winery around the world.

With a motto of “A wine that bears our name must tell our story” Massimo Sensi joins us virtually to tell the story of Sensi Winery and share three of their favorite and award-winning Winter Wines.

Thank you to the wine journalists who agreed to join me for this tasting. Hopefully, one day we will be together in Italy, in person, staring at the rolling hills of Tuscany, reminiscing about the time we stayed home for an entire year…

I wish us all a brighter New Year and More Fun in 2021!

18K PROSECCO TREVISO DOC $21.99 – 24.99

Winter Wine Tasting with Massimo Sensi: Sensi Winery (VIRTUAL TASTING)GRAPES:100% Glera


ALTITUDE: 50-350 m a.s.l.

TYPE OF SOIL: Land from the Treviso plains to the Valdobbiadene hills Deep, fertile soil in the flatter land. The flatland soil is alluvial, clay loam with sandy schists, while the soil in the hills is marly, well-structured, with clay schists and the presence of rock fragments, with ample neutral alkaline pH organic substance.

ALCOHOL: 11% vol

TASTING NOTES: Bright straw yellow. The nose is clean, elegant, with pleasant sensations of fruit, pear and apple, and aromatic herbs. It is lively and fresh in the mouth, full-bodied with fine bubbles. The end note is fruity and enveloping.


Winter Wine Tasting with Massimo Sensi: Sensi Winery (VIRTUAL TASTING)GRAPES: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 10% Sangiovese

PRODUCTION AREA: Bolgheri, Livorno, Tuscany

ALTITUDE: 0-50 m a.s.l.

TYPE OF SOIL: Loose, deep soil, rich in marine fossils and rock fragments. The soil is mainly sandy with marlstone-sandstone, comprising clay and limestone schists.

ALCOHOL: 14% vol.

FERMENTATION: Alcoholic fermentation for 10-12 days at a temperature of 20-24°C, followed by maceration for 15 days at 28-29°C in steel, using Delestage and racking techniques. Subsequent malolactic fermentation, racking and sulphurisation.

AGING: It matures for 12-14 months in French oak barriques, medium bousinage, approximately 50% new wood. Subsequent AGING in bottles.

TASTING NOTES: Ruby red in colour. Rich and strong to the nose, with notes of dark fruit and spices. It is a soft, structured wine to the palate, supported by a clear sensation of saltiness and a lingering fruity note.

MANTELLO TOSCANA IGT $37.99-$40.99                            

Winter Wine Tasting with Massimo Sensi: Sensi Winery (VIRTUAL TASTING)GRAPES: 70% Sangiovese and 30% Syrah

PRODUCTION AREA: Tuscany IGT, Vinci, Florence

ALTITUDE: Approximately 150 m a.s.l.

TYPE OF SOIL: Hill soil, loose and deep, rich in marine fossils and rock fragments. Marl and sandstone soil, comprising clay and sand schists, rich in limestone. Deep soil facing south-east.

ALCOHOL: 14.5% vol.

FERMENTATION: Alcoholic fermentation for 15 days at a temperature of 20-26°C using delestage and racking techniques, followed by maceration in steel for 20 days at 28- 29°C. After run-off it is racked twice, followed by malolactic fermentation in steel. After racking and sulphurisation, it is then aged. The separate bases are assembled in February and then aging of the blend continues.

AGING: It matures in 50% new wood French oak barriques for 12-14 months and then ages in steel for 12 months. After bottling, it ages for a further 12 months in bottles.

TASTING NOTES: Intense ruby red color. The bouquet is rich and spicy, with nuances of black pepper and tarragon, sour cherry and tobacco. To the palate it is rich and enveloping, fresh and intense, with a long final note of spices and red berries.

Sensi Winery Production Lines

Tuscan classics: Governato, Sangiovese Anniversary Edition, Chianti Dalcampo, Chianti RiservaDalcampo, Chianti Classico Forziere, Chianti Classico Riserva Forziere, Sangiovese-CabernetTestardo, Sangiovese-Shiraz Mantello, Sangiovese Mandriano, Morellino di Scansano Pretorio, Bolgheri Sabbiato, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Mossiere, Rosso di Montalcino Boscoselvo,Brunello di Montalcino Boscoselvo, Vermentino Mandriano, Vernaccia di San GimignanoCollegiata, Tua Rosa. Green: Chianti Campoluce, Chianti Vegante, Nymphate without sulphites 18 k: 18k Prosecco, 18 k Pinot Noir Rosé, 18 k Blanc de Blancs, 18 k Moscato Rosé Collection: a line of ready-to-drink single-vine products dedicated to the international large-scale retail trade.

Distribution: Sensi Winery wines are available for distribution in the following states: Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina

Acquire: For more information about acquiring Sensi Winery wines contact their U.S. importer Rolivia.

This article is produced in partnership with Sensi Wines 

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