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3 Sparkling Wines + One Alcohol Free to Celebrate the New Year  CBS Bay Area: Wine Show Host Returns 2022 was a monumental year for me in terms of personal and professional progress. I’m grateful to have found my way back this year. When you watch our story I shared with CBS you will see how painful it was for me to share. But, I so
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Holiday Wine Pairings & Wine Gift Ideas KPIX-TV (VIDEO 2022) Monique Soltani Holiday Wine Ideas: CBS Bay Area As I relaunch my show this season, I thought it would be fun to give you a taste of holiday wines from around the world to help get your holiday party started. From bubbly to books we have every wine lover in your life covered. Before I
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Holiday Wine Pairings & Wine Gift Ideas (VIDEO)  Holiday Wines with Monique Soltani on CBS8 in San Diego How lucky for me to be on TV in San Diego at CBS 8 sharing my love of wine with America’s Finest City! Fun to be back in a San Diego newsroom! I did one of my many TV news internships at a local
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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings For Every Palate on KTVU (VIDEO) 0 Thanksgiving Wine Picks to Please Every Person & Plate The most meaningful meal of the year is back in a big way. For many people this will be their first Thanksgiving (in three years) where they will share it surrounded by family and friends filled with big hugs and lots of in person love. While
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Wine Oh TV The NEW Season (2022  Episode 1: Mendocino WOTV the NEW Season (2022) Coming Soon… Join the Journey!
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Red Wine & Food Pairings: LIVE! in the Bay (VIDEO) Monique Soltani  Three Diverse Red Wine & Food Pairings Wine Oh TV’s Monique Soltani, joins LIVE! in the Bay’s Olivia Horton on KRON-TV, as we say so long to Summer and fall into Fall with three red wine and food pairings. Watch as they taste and pair three very versatile red wines, at a variety of