Vegan Wine

CATEGORY: Food & Wine Pairings   |   DATE: June 14th, 2021
11 Vegan Wine Picks + Plant Based Wine Pairings The good folks over at LIVEKINDLY asked me for my Vegan wine picks and plant based pairings. This got me doing a deep dive into vegan wine not knowing what I might find. I was pleasantly surprised to find vegan wine in all categories – pleasing palates of the everyone from easy going entry level
CATEGORY: Food & Wine Pairings   |   DATE: November 12th, 2013
While Thanksgiving is widely known as Turkey Day, there are many people who will bypassing the T in T-Day and going straight for the V. So how do you feed your vegan friends and family members on the most important meal of the year? Here are a few fabulous Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes & Vegan Wine