12 Must Have Mother's Day Wine Wines on Any BudgetFor my first Mother’s Day, I had grandiose dreams of writing a very detailed, long, drawn out, story about the best wines in the world to drink on Mother’s Day. This of course was before I actually became a mom…

As a relatively new mom of 9 month old twin girls, reality has sunken in and 24 hours in a days isn’t what it used to be. I can barely find the time to wash my hair let alone do a dissertation on the nuances of what makes these wines so different and delicious. So you are just going to have to trust that Momma knows best! 😉

12 Must Have Mother's Day Wine Wines on Any BudgetI think I just figured out why there are more men wine wine writers than women wine writers. Because men aren’t moms and have all the time in the world to drone on and on! HAHAHA! It’s a joke people! CALM DOWN!

With all that in mind, here are 12 Must Have Mother’s Day Wines on Any Budget that I will be drinking on Mother’s Day and beyond! I didn’t pick them just because most of them are pretty in pink. Mama, likes all colors of the rainbow when it comes to wine. However, if you are looking for a easy win Rosé and Roses on Mother’s Day is always a safe bet.

I don’t think Moms and Dads are all that different when it comes to drinking good wine. My husband and I have similar palates so if you want to save a few of these wine picks for Dear Old Dad’s Day please do!

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Military Momma

Purple Heart 2013 $19.99 The newly released Purple Heart Wines comes from C. Mondavi & Family and winemaker Ray Coursen. A limited production ‘purple-hearted’ blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Purple Heart 2013, is created by winemaker and former Vietnam Veteran Ray Coursen using fruit grown in the Napa Valley. In honor of its namesake, the winery will make a generous annual donation to the Purple Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to serving the unmet needs of military men, women and families.

Bubbly for Your Baby Mama

12 Must Have Mother's Day Wine Wines on Any BudgetChampagne Taittinger Prestige Rosé NV $83.99 Blended from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, this is a fruity, supple and aromatic Champagne with fine bubbles and a crisp, refreshing finish of extended length. Taittinger Cuvée Prestige Rosé is intense cherry-pink in color with extremely fine, persistent pinpoint bubbles rising in delicate strands to the surface of the wine. Its classic, aromatic Pinot fragrance of red raspberries and strawberries is offset by elegant, subtle floral and earth nuances. On the palate, the ripe, full berry flavors are vibrant yet refined, delicately balanced by a fresh acidity which carries into a crisp, refreshing finish of persistent length.

Champagne Taittinger Nocturne $81.99 If your mama has a sweet tooth this is a sec Champagne, which is a bit sweeter than regular Champagne. Taittinger is one of the last remaining major marque Champagne Houses, both owned and actively managed by the family named on the label. Taittinger is the second largest vineyard or domaine owner in the region giving them ultimate control of quality from vine to bottle. The Champagnes are Chardonnay dominant, which gives them their elegance, delicacy and finesse. Taittinger is widely distributed around the world in 140 countries.

Rock Mom’s World With Riesling

Smith-Madrone 2013 Riesling $27.00 I got a sample of this wine back when I was still pregnant so I didn’t try it until a few weeks ago. Man oh man was it worth the wait! This wine is perfect for your mom, brother, sister, father, son, daughter, grandpa, grandma, anyone with a palate will want to partake in is radical Riesling. Want to learn more about Smith-Madrone? Check out their educational video on Dry Farming.

Momma, You look Marvelous

12 Must Have Mother's Day Wine Wines on Any BudgetBarrel & Ink Interessante White Blend 2014 $28.00 Wine meets design! A refreshingly tropical white wine blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, and Rousssanne. Barrel + Ink pairs notable wine makers with graphic designers to create great tasting wine that is aesthetically pleasing. Each collaboration is totally unique and there is only a limited run. Their fourth collaboration which will be lead by Jessica Hische, the cover artist of Dave Eggars book ‘The Circle’, and Andy Erikson, who took over from Heidi Barrett at Screaming Eagle.

Awesome Momma

Take Momma on a California Road trip: Wine Awesomeness is trying to make the wine industry more fun and approachable. I tasted the California Road Trip and it was totally tubular, man! Every month WineAwesomeness curates a wine adventure in a box, some can be based around a theme like California Road trip, or New Kids On The Block (which is all about new producers of wine). They pack each month full of great reads, tasting notes, music to listen to, recipes from famous chefs, and so much more.

Make Momma’s Day with Rosé

Traveling in Tuscany
Monique Soltani & Francesco Mazzei (June 2013)

Belguardo Rosé 2015 $14.99 I seriously just tried this wine YESTERDAY! It was love at first sip! Made by our friends over at Mazzei. You may remember Castello di Fonterutoli from my fabulous trip to Tuscany a few years back.

This Rosé is born from the unusual marriage of Syrah and Sangiovese grapes. It has been conceived to be a “true” rosé wine starting from the vineyard, with an accurate vinification. It’s intense, complex, with pleasant fresh fruit notes.

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Grande Récolte Rosé 2015: $18.99 This Château de Berne wine made with Cinsault and Grenache grapes comes from Côtes de Provence. Provence is a historic region along the Mediterranean coast of France and has been producing rosé colored wine since the ancient Greeks founded a colony in Marseille and planted vines more than 2,600 years ago. Wines made from red grapes during this time were light in color, largely because leaving juice in contact with grape skins was not yet widely practiced. As a result, rosé wines are considered the very first wines of France.

Rosé producers take their shade of pink very seriously! The Rosé Research Center with the Provence Wine Council study over 1,000 global rosé wines every year and have color-graphed the spectrum of rosé around the world. Specific to Provence, the category leader, The Rosé Research Center has identified six colors to be the most representative of its rosé wines: Gooseberry, Peach, Grapefruit, Cantaloupe, Mango and Mandarin.

12 Must Have Mother's Day Wine Wines on Any BudgetToad Hollow Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir 2015 $14.00 This year Toad Hallow celebrates the 20th Vintage of their Dry Rosé with “Rosé Days” in May. Toad Hollow Vineyards, along with retailers and restaurants across the country, will celebrate Rosé Days with the 2015 vintage of their Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir. During the month of May, retail markets across the country will offer coupons for $2 or $3 off a bottle regularly priced around $14. In 1994, Toad Hollow founder Todd Williams released his first Dry Rose of Pinot Noir. With his characteristic sense of humor, and as a poke at other wines in the market with fanciful names, he couldn’t resist calling it “Eye of the Toad.”

2015 Lynmar Estate Rose of Pinot Noir $25.00 Lynmar Estate, one of Sonoma’s boutique vineyards in the heart of Russian River Valley releases their 2015 Rose of Pinot Noir on Mother’s Day, May 8th. Crafted from Estate fruit and using the classic French soigné technique, the first impression of Rosé of Pinot Noir displays a lively watermelon hue in the glass. Followed by tantalizing aromas of white peach, raspberry and tangerine delight on the nose, the luscious mouthfeel offers up juicy flavors of marmalade, grapefruit and spun sugar, leading to an intriguing mineral-laden finish.

Galil Mountain Rosé 2014 $12.00 International Mama’s rejoice! This Israeli wine will make mom’s day. Showing refreshing acidity and notes of red fruit and rose petals on the palate, Galil Mountain Rosé 2014 is sourced from vineyards in Israel’s Upper Galilee. Hand-harvested Sangiovese is processed as a “white wine” and later blended with Pinot Noir and Grenache produced in the saignée (bleeding) method. While Galil Mountain Winery is situated on ancient hills that have over 2,000 years of winemaking history, they take on a wholly progressive – and sustainable – approach.

Hacienda de ARÍNZANO Rosé 2015 $19.99 Tempt mommy with Tempranillo! The deeply blush-colored 100% Tempranillo Hacienda de ARÍNZANO Rosé 2015 is from the first winery in Northeast Spain to receive the prestigious Pago designation due to its unique landscape and climate. This rosé has intense aromas of strawberry, pink grapefruit and white pepper, and a hint of rose petals. The long ripening season for Tempranillo typical of this region gives it an expressive, lively and elegant character.

Mom Rules So Follow Them! Rose Rules:

By Adam Chase, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Certified Educator

  • Serve all rosés chilled at about 7-12°C or 45-55°F – the lighter the rosé color, the more chilled – two hours in the refrigerator should be enough time to get it to the best temperature.
  • Don’t over chill or you will chill out most of the flavor.  If your glass fogs up so much that you can’t see the wine in it, then it is over-chilled. Let it rest (if you can resist) at room temperature for about 10 minutes.
  • Drink most rosés within a year of their vintage.  They are made to be expressive of fresh fruit and generally are not suited to age.
  • If you are drinking sparkling keep it extra chilled at around 40-45 °F and make sure you have a towel to hold the cork as you twist the bottle – remember these wines are literally ready to pop and you want to make sure the cork isn’t a projectile that could hurt someone.

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