Master SOMM Ian Cauble Hand Picks 3 Pinot Noirs

Pinot Noir gets its claim to fame from the Burgundy region in France and of course from the movie Sideways, but Pinot Noir grapes are grown all over the world. The top three Pinot Noir producing countries are France, US, and Germany.

But, I bet you didn’t know that Pinot Noir is produced all over the planet, everywhere from Tasmania to Sweden. To be fair, before I did this interview with Ian Cauble, the only thing I thought that came out of Tasmania was the devil.

Grab a glass and sit back as we give you a taste of world class Pinot Noir’s from around the world, with one of the most famous “SOMM’s” in the world. In this video, Monique Soltani shares a sip with Master Sommelier, Co-Founder of SommSelect, and the Blonde Guy from the movie SOMM, Ian Cauble at Que Syrah Wine Bar in San Francisco.

Ian shares his favorite three Pinot Noirs he’s drinking these days. He will blow you away with his vast knowledge of everything from blind tasting to Tectonic Plates. Ian explains why Oregon is THE best wine region for Pinot Noir lovers looking to get the best bang for their buck. Ian opens up about life after the movie SOMM, what it really takes to be a Master Sommelier, and why when it comes to wine glasses, size really does matter.


3 Pinot Noirs You Need to be Drinking Right Now

Raen Winery, Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast, California 2014- $75.00

Evesham Wood, Pinot Noir, Mahonia Vineyard, Willamette Valley, Oregon 2014- $34.00

Domaine Fourrier, Gevrey-Chambertin, 1er Cru, Les Cherbaudes, Burgundy, France 2014 – $150.00

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Pinot Noir Fun Facts

  • The name is derived from the French words for pine and black; the pine alluding to the grape variety having tightly clustered, pine cone-shaped bunches of fruit.
  • Pinot Noir is affectionately called the Heart Break Grape because it’s hard to grow: Pinot Noir grape clusters are usually small and difficult to ripen evenly.
  • Pinot noir grapes are grown around the world, mostly in the cooler regions, but the grape is chiefly associated with the Burgundy region of France.
  • Pinot Noir is the most versatile food wine.

What Pinot Noir fun facts are we forgetting? Leave them in the comments section below!

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