Wine Oh TV 6 Useful Wine AppsLike most wine enthusiasts out there, we adore finding new wine apps to play around with.  Whether you are a white wine lover or a red wine lover we found five helpful wine apps we think you will fall in love with. The invention of electricity, the phone, the gas powered car, and even the home computer all have created a vast difference in our lives. It is anyone’s guess what will be next, but so far the creation of the smart phone may be be considered among the world’s greatest inventions that have enhanced and improved our lives and society.  The smartphone has not only improved communications around the globe, it has  created a new industry of software development called “the app,” short for application. Apps come in all shapes and sizes and it seems like there is an app for everything, including wine. Type in “Wine” in the app search bar of your smart phone and up pops almost 30 different types of wine apps. The wine app pictured here, WineFinder by matches you with the best bottles of wine in the supermarket or warehouse store you’re shopping in, while you’re standing there! Here are 5 more Helpful Wine Apps we think you will enjoy.

AVA Apps by GoLocalApps

Wine Oh TV 6 Useful Wine AppsPower couple Ross Rojeck and Heidi Komlofske started three years ago as a side business to their popular free publications: The San Francisco Book Review and The Sacramento Book Review. But, what took off from that side business was anything but predictable. Since then, they have created dozens of apps mostly focused on wine regions throughout the West Coast. With eye-catching graphics, each app is designed and specialized to what each AVA has to offer. These simple, easy-to-use apps help the user easily locate points of interest within an AVA such as wineries, restaurants, and things to do. Some even have a social component to them where you can “check-in.” Customers can also flash the app at participating wineries for tasting and wine discounts. Check out Lodi, Livermore, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara to start.

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Lot 18

Wine Oh TV 6 Useful Wine Apps Lot 18This started as a web-based site boasting exclusivity to invited members only. Customers interested in membership had to “wait” to become accepted. Now a marketing scheme of the past, anyone can join. The site boasts fairly good deals on moderately hard to find wines. There are lots of mixed case deals available at fair prices no matter what the occasion. With the addition of their app, customers now can easily thumb through available products at a glance and pay right on their phone. No need to turn on the computer and log in. The checkout procedure is simple to use and the white lettering against black background is easy to read.

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Wine Notes

Wine Notes is a cellar application to help organize the wines in any home cellar. Adding wines is a breeze and there is a photo option available to point and shoot each individual bottle. There is also the capability to record bottles by scanning bar codes  The interactive sliders for color, alcohol, tannins, and acidity, are fun to play with, as well as over 50 food-type pictures to pick from when choosing the flavor profile of the wine. This cellar app is simple, clean, and easy to use. It  has been around for some time and now has the ability to sync to other devices like a touch pad or home computer.

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Wine DJ

Wine Oh TV 5 Wine Apps DJObviously geared to the Liberty School wine brand, this fun app customizes music to your mood and the wine you are drinking. For example, if your drink preference of the night is Chardonnay, touch “Create Playlist” and the app creates a playlist just for you based on your drink of choice. Use the sliders to “Set the Mood” from flying solo to entourage, or ladies night to bachelor party. You can then save those playlists for the next time you open your favorite wine. The songs typically range from an eclectic mix of jazzy vibes to unusual hip-hop finds and everything in between.

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Blush for Wine

Wine Oh TV 5 Wine Apps BlushBlush is another wine finder app with catchy graphics and easy-to-use functionality. But, what makes this app different is the ability to scan the bar code on any wine bottle. Some wine bottle bar codes now contain a host of information that the winery has entered and will tell you all about the wine you are purchasing.

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