Mendocino County Wine Country: California’s Greenest Wine Region

Join the journey as Monique Soltani travels to one of California’s largest, greenest, and most authentic wine regions. Mendocino is often described as rugged, real, and refined and we find out why. With boots on the ground during bud break we walk the vines, make a Mendo Blendo, hit up a historic Hopland hot spot, bottle feed baby goats, and get a little sticky along the way!

Mendocino County wine country is as real as it is rugged with most of it’s 570 vineyards in the hands of family farmers who roots trace back to California’s first settlers in the 1850s.

Mendocino County is the greenest California wine region and home to the most organic, biodynamic, and sustainable vineyards in the entire United States. Dubbed California’s mecca of organic wine with 25 percent of it’s vineyards certified organic, it’s no wonder why Mendocino wine country has been anointed California’s greenest.

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Wine Oh! TV is a fun and informative food and wine travel show that gets to the heart of every wine region. Join the journey as Monique Soltani travels the world bringing people together by breaking bread, opening up a bottle, and connecting through culture. Every episode answers three essential questions most asked by Wine Oh! TV’s audience over the last decade: What is there to drink, what is there to do, and what is there to eat in each wine region.

This season Wine Oh! TV shines the spotlight on smaller wine regions with Umbria, Paso Robles, Mendocino, Walla Walla, and Lodi taking center stage. Wine Oh! TV is shot with the seasonal change in vineyards from bud break in March 2022, veraison in June, to harvest in September and October. Wine is as much about agriculture, weather, and capturing a moment in time, as it is about the people behind the bottle.

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