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Wine Oh TV Barbecue BasicsThe hot summer is kick-starting into gear and backyard barbeques are firing up everywhere.  It’s time to jump in the pool, fire up the grills, and invite friends over for a scrumptious, mouth-watering barbeque.  For part two of Barbecue Basics, Chef Tracy Flores takes Wine Oh TV contributor Lindsey Roffey on an underwater adventure and tells us how to create a crustacean themed grilled-meal fit for any king or queen of the sea! She explains how to grill Shrimp on the Barbie to near flawlessness and accompany it with grilled vegetables and a side of coconut mussels!  Luckily, our sea-shelled friends and grilled vegetables are a wine pairing match made in heaven and we will make sure to help you pick the perfect white wines.  Chef Tracy starts us off with some little known barbeque tips and tricks from the trade!

Like to use a little salt on your BBQ: Try making Chef’s Salt, a 75/25 mixture of Kosher salt to fresh ground pepper.
Skewers catching fire: Soak skewers in water for approximately two hours to prevent skewer tips from becoming causality of the grill.
Marinated meat turning into salami: Whenever using a salt-based or soy sauce marinade, only marinate for two hours as the meat will begin cure.  Meat cans marinate in any other non-salt based marinade for 24 hours.
Tin foil falling apart: Change the type of tin foil you use. Use only a high quality, brand name tin foil. Lower quality inhibits heat absorption and can easily rip.
Meat sticking to the grill: Spray on a cooking oil spray on the grills before firing it up.

Chef Tracy’s Easy 1-2-3 Seafaring Barbeque Dinner

Wine Oh TV Barbecue BasicsGrilled Herbed Vegetables

Sliced vegetables of your choice such as zucchini, onions, asparagus, green and red peppers, and green beans

Chopped fresh herbs such as Chives, Basil, Thyme, and Tarragon

3  Tbsp fresh garlic, minced

Pinch of “Chef’s Salt” (a mixture of salt and pepper)

½ cup olive oil

Place vegetables in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, mix together chopped herbs and  olive oil, chef’s salt, and 2 scoops of fresh garlic.  In the larger bowl, pour in olive oil mixture and mix all ingredients together. Place vegetable on a hot grill and cook until desired.

Wine Oh TV Barbecue BasicsSkewered Shrimp

2 dozen large shrimp

24 skewers

Remove the shell , de-vein, and clean  the  shrimp. Weave 4 shrimp onto soaked skewers and place on a hot grill. Shrimp is done when they have turned white. Keep shrimp on the skewer and serve on a plate with grilled vegetables. Enjoy!

Wine Oh TV Barbecue BasicsCoconut Mussels

2 dozen New Zealand Green Lips in the half shell

Pinch chef’s salt

Pinch of curry powder (use just a little as flavor can be to intense)

1/2 Cup unoaked white wine

7 oz. canned coconut milk

4 Tbsp butter sliced in small cubes

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix together. Create a tinfoil bowl and place all the ingredients in the tin foil. Seal the top by folding the tin foil like a tent. Place on a hot grill. When coconut mixture boils and butter is melted, mussels are done. Pour into a small bowl and serve on the side of grilled vegetables and shrimp.

Wine Pairings

2010 Burgans, Albarino, Rias Biaxas, Spain A soft gold colored wine with  flavors of  ripe peach, silky almond, green apple,  guava, and kiwi with just enough acidity to keep it lively.

2009 Domain Jean Paul et Benoit, Chablis, France Shimmery and youthful, with a nose of Meyer’s lemon, green apple and a hint of flint. This wine’s has a steely taste, with orange blossom, and white peach with good acidity and light bodied. It is clean and fresh with a spectacularly long finish.

2010 Fenestra, Rose, Livermore Valley Dark rose hued wine with flavors of strawberry, yummy fruit punch, and minerality with a nose of freshly squeezed pineapples.

2011 Nottingham, Viognier, Livermore Valley This light bodied wine has a nose of fresh green apple and newly bloomed blossoms with flavors of ripe apricot and nectarine and a hint of  old world style  lanolin and wet stone. Silky on the palate, and a long finish of tropical fruit.

Next up, part three of Barbecue Basics. Chef Tracy introduces us to BBQ’ing with steak! If you have a question you want to Ask the Chef write it in our comment section below or post your food and wine questions on Wine Oh TV’s Twitter or  Facebook pages!

About Chef Tracy:  Executive Chef Tracy Flores has over thirty years experience in the kitchen. She currently is the executive chef at Castlewood Country Club. You can read more about Chef Tracy here.

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