Best Kosher Wines for Passover


Kosher WinePassover is just a day away so now is the time to start looking for the best kosher wines to serve for Passover. On Passover at sundown, wine from four different cups, as well as a fifth cup “Elijah’s cup” will be served and Passover (Pesach) will begin as a time of celebration and remembrance of the Israelite’s freedom from slavery from the Egyptian Pharaoh. The story goes that after many decades of horrific slavery, God saw the Israelites in distress and sent Moses to Pharaoh with a message to release the Israelites. But Pharaoh refused, and God sent upon Egypt ten devastating plagues. However God spared the Children of Israel by “passing over” their homes and they were not affected by the plagues, hence the name of the holiday. Pharaoh, wanting the plagues to stop, chased the Israelites out of the country. The Israelites left in such a hurry, that the bread that they baked as provisions for their journey to Mount Sinai was not able to rise.

Passover SederTo commemorate this journey during Passover, one of the very special meals, the Seder meal, is served on a special plate that contains six foods, each symbolizing how the Israelites felt during their Journey. For example, the green vegetables symbolize rebirth, eggs symbolize a new beginning, bitter herbs symbolize the embittered lives as slaves, unleavened bread symbolizes the bread from their journey, a charoset pasty symbolizes the mortar used to make the pyramids, and four cups of wine symbolize the celebration of freedom.

ManischewitzBecause wine is such a integral part of the celebration, we at Wine Oh TV are here to help those celebrating Passover to pick the perfect Kosher wine for the Seder meal and no we aren’t talking about Manischewitz! We have selected four different Kosher wines that are readily available at both BevMo and Trader Joes for under $15.00. You can also find a healthy selection of Kosher wines at To be a Kosher wine, like all Kosher foods, they must be produced organically under the directions of a rabbi and may only be handled be workers who observe a strict kosher diet. Winemakers are forbidden to use any products, such as unauthorized yeasts or animal-based fining agents. You can identify a Kosher wine by the back label where you will find a seal and statement that the wine can be used for Passover.

Golan HeightsKosher wine can be found all over the Unites States , around the world and imported directly from Israel. Israel is a growing wine region with some impressive wine coming from some of their bigger wine growing regions such as, Galilee and Shomron. In Galilee, sits Golan Heights, one of finest wine growing regions in the country. Golan Heights is cooler climate, high altitude, and rocky, volcanic soil. The modern Israeli wine industry was founded by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, owner of the Bordeaux estate Château Lafite-Rothschild.

2009 Baron Herzog, Merlot Central Coast

Coming from a long tradition of Kosher winemaking, the Baron Herzog Winery family has been producing wines prior to the Holocaust. Today, the family resides in the United States and they have a large production facility in Oxnard, California. This wine has a complex nose with aromas of smoke, toasted oak, hints of vanilla, nutmeg, and ripe red cherry fruit. Strikingly strong acidity and mild tannins, this wine has flavors of red tart fruit, pine forest, and spice.

2009 Yarden Red Wine, Mount Hermon, Galilee, Israel

A brand that is part of the large Golan Heights Winery in one of the more ideal appellations in Israel, this red wine is a blend of Bordeaux varieties. With a subtle nose of cinnamon, red cherry, blackberry, and plum and flavors of jammy fruit, cassis, and spicy notes, this wine has a decent amount of acidity paired with soft tannins.

2011 Terrenal, Chardonnay, Curicó Valley, Chile

From a winery in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, the grapes from these wines experience excellent weather and soil along the valley floor. Buttery, ripe lemon, with a hint of banana and guava fruit on the nose and tart citrus flavor, round mouthfeel, and a subtle detection of residual sugar, this wine has a good acidity and a nice, long finish .

NV Kedem, Cream Red Concord, New York State, New York

A food company created in 1958, Kedem supposedly carries Kosher foods of the highest quality. Their Concord grape wines were created from their rapidly growing Concord grape juice market. The Concord grape is an American grape variety from the family Vitis Labrusca and has been a very important part of the American agricultural landscape. The wine has a sweet “grapey” nose with fresh raspberries and strawberries. This wine is thick, sweet, with red ripe fruit flavors, and is a low acid, low alcohol wine.

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  1. Saif

    I am quite new in passover this year. That’s why looking for some special dishes. Really some special from you here.
    Wishing you a happy Passover.

  2. Lindsey

    Saif- Thanks for taking the time and reading. Wishing you a Happy Passover as well!

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