Bordeaux Wine Tasting: St. Emilion 2009 (VIDEO)


The Best of Bordeaux Wine for Under $50 Bucks

Many people think of Bordeaux wine as out of reach. At a recent wine tasting of the Merlot driven red wine appellation of Saint-Émilion, I learned the wines from the Bordeaux’s Right Bank are elegant, balanced, and pleasing on the palate and the pocketbook.

Bordeaux, Bordeaux wine, wine tasting, merlot, red wineOver 30 wine producers from the Association of Grands Crus Classés of Saint-Émilion came to San Francisco to give wine lovers and wine industry leaders a taste of their 2009 vintage. The event drew big names like Napa Valley winemaker Aaron Pott, Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser, (both featured in this wine video) and some of the most well respected wine contributors in the country.

The verdict is in and despite wacky weather, the 2009 and 2010 vintages in Saint-Émilion promise to be Right Bank Bordeaux classics. If you ever get a chance to travel to Saint-Émilion you will find the medieval town is as enchanting as the wine it produces. In this video, you will hear from the President of the Association of Grands Crus Classés of Saint-Emilion, beloved and well respected winemaker Aaron Pott, as well as get a taste of the elegant, pleasurable, and seductive wines of Saint-Emilion!

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Bordeaux Wine Tasting: St. Emilion 2009 Video Text

Monique Soltani: The best of Bordeaux have come to the Bay.

Aaron Pott: I worked for six years as a wine maker in St. Emilion, so coming back to see old friends and taste what’s been going on since then, and quite a lot. With two vintages like 2009 and 2010 in Bordeaux are phenomenal vintages, and there’s some beautiful wines.

Tim Gaiser: The St. Emilion, out of all the Bordeaux type wines, to me, in terms of pleasure and appeal to a broad spectrum of wine drinkers is really the name that comes first, in Bordeaux, to me, is because of the merlot, the seductive quality, the aromatics, and also the balance.

Monique Soltani: The wines of St. Emilion are made up of mostly merlot, with just a touch of cab franc to add a little spine to the wine.

Alain Moueix: I think the most important think to note is the fact that St. Emilion is a place where the merlot is the king. I think it’s probably the place, the greatest merlot in the world.

Aaron Pott: They’re much more subtle than their neighbors across the river in the Medoc and much more drinkable and more appealing for me. It’s one of my favorite wines of the world.

Monique Soltani: I’ve got to ask you this question, only because my husband loves to tell this story about you, your wife told him that you got into wine because you were on some trip to France-

Aaron Pott: It is a true story. I ordered a glass of milk and the waiter looks right at me and said “Milk is for babies,” and I was nine years old and he brought out a glass of red wine, and that’s how my love affair started with France and with wine.

Monique Soltani: How are the personalities of the people in St. Emilion maybe different from the personalities of people in the left bank of Bordeaux or wine makers in California?

Alain Moueix: St. Emilion is a place with a small estate, so where all the people are, they’re always really close with others to the soil, to the vineyard. So all are very passionate, because it’s a small company and you have to be involved in everything in the wine making, in the vineyard, in the marketing, and to do that you have to be passionate, because we’re all crazy about the wine.

Monique Soltani: Any time I talk to anybody about St. Emilion, they say they love it there, it’s one of the most fabulous places, and they love the wines. Why do you think the area resonates with people so much?

Virginie Larramona: I’m working in St. Emilion for only three years. Every day I come, every day it’s a new experience for me, every day I’m in love with St. Emilion. Really, I mean it, the place is different, the grapes and the chateau and people, and it’s just wonderful when you go there. You fall in love.

Monique Soltani: What I really appreciate about wine is some people might go their whole lives and they might never be able to visit such a beautiful area like St. Emilion, but they can certainly try the wines, and sometimes when you drink the wine it kind of transports you and let you travel the different regions or places of the world you might never go to.

Alain Moueix: Exactly. You just have to close your eyes and think deeply about it and you will be in St. Emilion. You know, St. Emilion, it’s hilly, it’s a small estate with a very nice house, but nothing very pretentious, you know, otherwise very discreet. But very charming. And I think our wines are all also like that. It’s very approachable, but with a good depth and a very charming wine.

Monique Soltani: If there’s something you would want someone to know about St. Emilion and the wines there, that they wouldn’t necessarily know by reading it on a website, or by trying the wines-

Alain Moueix: I think they should know that in St. Emilion, they are always welcome. It’s not in the books, but they just have to send a little email. You can say “Okay, we want to visit,” and they will be very, very welcome.

Monique Soltani: Sante?

Alain Moueix: Sante.

Monique: Sante.

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