Bordeaux Wine Tours & Travel Tips (VIDEO)


Bordeaux Wine: On the Front lines of the Grapevines

Bordeaux Wine Tours and Travel 3Last year, over three million tourists traveled to France with more than 700,000 of them making a grape escape to the Bordeaux wine region. Most people will live their entire life and never get a chance to travel to the world’s most well known wine region. I went most of my life without ever making the trip to Bordeaux, or even France for that matter. Then as luck would have it, I had the great honor of traveling to Bordeaux in September 2012 and again in October 2013. In 2012, I was on my honeymoon so I didn’t bring a video camera but I did bring my still camera: CLICK HERE to see the pictures from that trip. We visited the Médoc and the fancy First Growths that charge upwards of $1,000 dollars a bottle. There is a good chance that trip was the first and last time I will be able to get my hot little hands on a bottle of Bordeaux at that price point.

Bordeaux Wine Tours and Travel 1But all hope is not lost! The good news is most Bordeaux wine is NOT out of reach. In fact, it’s pretty affordable. We are talking 15 bucks a bottle and that’s not bad on any budget. This is the Bordeaux wine region I visited in October 2013. Bordeaux Superieur or Bordeaux AOC makes some amazing wines at a price point you just can’t beat. Check the first video I produced from this trip: What You Don’t Know About Bordeaux and discover the wines of Bordeaux are fun, fresh and affordable and come in a variety of styles and colors!

Bordeaux is a wine region, Bordeaux is a color, and Bordeaux is a style of wine. In California, if you hear a winemaker say he or she is making a “Bordeaux Blend” what they are really saying is they are using a mix of a few different grapes and blending them together. The classic Bordeaux Blend includes a mix of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and/or the four other grape varietals allowed by the AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) rules. The six red Bordeaux grape varietals include: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Carmenère, Petit Verdot and Malbec. The appellation d’origine contrôlée is the French certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products. It is based on the concept of terroir.

Bordeaux Wine Tours and Travel 2My mission on this trip was to learn a little by drinking a lot and to try and understand the people behind the place. The men and women on the front lines of the grapevines who go to battle everyday to bring you a bottle of Bordeaux at its best. When you watch this second video in my Bordeaux video series you will meet the faces behind the place, from a single mother looking to start over to the father and daughter duo who are giving these famous French wines a facelift. Behind every bottle of Bordeaux are real people from all walks of life, who are making wine worthy of nobility at a price point welcomed by the working class.

Thank you to Planet Bordeaux and Balzac Communications for sponsoring this trip and making it possible for me to share what I learned with all of you!.

Winery Tours

Château le Grand Verdus

33670 Sadirac

Château de Marsan

9, route de Langoiran – 33550 Capian

Château de Lagarde – Scea Raymond

33510 Saint Laurent du Bois

Cave de Landerrouat

Les Vignerons de Landerrouat Duras Cazaugitat – “Les Peyrières”

4 Route Vignerons – 33790 Landerrouat

Château La Verrière

8, La Verrière – 33790 Landerrouat

Château Pierrail

33220 Margueron

Château Couronneau

33220 Ligueux

Château de Parenchère

5, Parenchère – B.P. 57 33220 LIGUEUX

Château Lajarre

24, avenue des Châteaux, 33350 Mouliets et Villemartin

Château Recougne

33133 Galgon

Château Clos Monicord

15, le Bourg – 33240 Vérac

Château de la Vieille Chapelle

4 Chapelle, 33240 Lugon et l’Ile du Carney

Château Saincrit

555, chemin de Peuy – 33240 Saint André de Cubzac

Château Terrefort-Quancard

BP 50 – Cubzac les Ponts – 33240 St André de Cubzac


Manoir d’Astrée

Lieu dit Pelet, 33240 LUGON ET L’ILE DU CARNEY


5, Le Limousin Nord


La Tirantaine


Château Carbonneau


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