Buena Vista Adds 3 Sweet Wines to Warm You Up


Wine Oh TV Sweet WineOoooh baby when it’s cold outside there is not better time for sweet wine. California’s first premium winery Buena Vista Winery adds three sweet wines to warm you up. Sharing luscious and warming sweet wines with friends and family lets you linger over the dinner table or at the fireplace that much longer. Many of California’s earliest wines were in this sweet style, and Buena Vista is reintroducing these historically popular wines with an eye toward the past, but a vision for the future.

Buena Vista Cream SherryBuena Vista Cream Sherry ($50). Cream Sherry was one of the first wines produced at Buena Vista and this is their first release in over a decade. On the nose you will find aromas of almonds,hazelnut, honey and maple. Rich on the palate with its full body and nutty flavors of hazelnut, caramel, crème brûleé and a hint of toasted marshmallow








Buena Vista PortBuena Vista Port ($50). Port-style wines were another of the first and most popular wine styles made in America, and it’s fitting that Buena Vista brings back this long-favored style of wine. Ports are a fortified wine that are typically richer, sweeter, heavier in body and possess a higher alcohol content than unfortified wines. A rich and complex fortified wine that would make the perfect pairing for many rich cheeses, desserts such as tiramisu or pecan pie, or even a delicious square of dark chocolate.








Buena Vista 1999TokajiBuena Vista Tokaji ($75). Tokaji wine from Hungary is one of the most luscious wines on the planet. In homage to their founder, Hungarian-born Agoston Haraszthy, they have imported a small quantity of this nectar. Tokaji, a wine made from grapes affected by noble rot, resulting in a beautiful sweet nectar. Tokaji will intrigue your senses right away, as will the complex nose with its characteristics of botrytis (noble rot) and tobacco dominating, and the subtle addition of quince jelly and a hint of dried apricot.

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PUBLISHED DATE: January 25th, 2013 | WINE CATEGORY: Wine Education
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