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Wine Oh! TV Toasts CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition (CBS BAY AREA)Wine Oh! TV host Monique Soltani helps kick off our Friday morning by sharing new wine flavors we will see after the Stern Grove Festival coverage at 5:30 PM. Monique even teases about a giveaway that you have to be tuned in for to join! (08/18/2023).

Watch Wine Oh! TV on KBCW 44 Cable 12 and streaming on CBS News Bay Area right after our Stern Grove Festival coverage and 5:30pm online.

Join us Sunday August 20th for the LAST Stern Grove Festival broadcast of the season starting at 2pm with The Flaming Lips. Then join the Journey to Mendocino on Wine Oh TV right after the concert broadcast and online at 5:30pm. Check out Saracina Vineyards Instagram page TODAY to enter to win a Grape Escape to Mendocino County!

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