Coors Family Has a New Beverage Brewing in Napa Valley (VIDEO)


Goosecross Cellars Soars with Coors

Coors Goosecross CellarsEarlier this year (hence the double baby bump), I was invited to spend a spring afternoon with Christi Coors Ficeli. She gave me a sneak peek of the then in the works (now remodeled) Goosecross Cellars tasting room and winery. If her name sounds familiar that’s because it is. Yes, she is THAT Coors. As in light, as in silver bullet, as in me having flashbacks from my heyday of hair bands and beer runs. Christi is the great great granddaughter of Adolph Coors. Adolf Coors founded the Coors Brewing Company in 1873. Nearly 150 years later, with the booze business in her blood, Christi Coors Ficeli knew the time was right to get a new beverage brewing in the Napa Valley. The happiest place on earth. The land where liquid dreams really can come true.

Coors Goosecross CellarsPursuing her passion started with pioneering her own path. With beer in her blood and wine country in her heart Christi decided to fly the coop at Coors and reach new heights in Yountville. Christi knew she couldn’t live the wine country dream without a proper team. So, she enlisted the help of well known Napa Valley winemaker, Bill Nancarrow, formerly of Duckhorn fame ( I sense a little fowl play here ;)).  Together they discovered living the wine country lifestyle isn’t just about making wine it’s about making a difference.

I’m excited to announce that the above video is part of a new show I am working on called The Good Life. The Good Life uplifts and inspires audiences by celebrating diversity and showcasing everyday men and women from all walks of life who are living their version of the good life. Feel free to email me if you want to learn more about The Good Life monique (at)

Coors Goosecross CellarsIf you would like to check out the recently remodeled Groosegross Cellars the Grand Opening is planned for October 24th. Located at 1119 State Lane in the town of Yountville, California, the Goosecross Cellars tasting room is open by appointment daily* from 10:30am-4:30pm. A Grand Opening celebration will take place on Saturday, October 24th. For more information go to: or call 707.944.9551.

Here are some more details about the state-of-the-art facility.

Designed by Chuck Peterson Architects in Santa Rosa, the new Goosecross tasting room and visitor center are reminiscent of classic Napa Valley barn styles but with a contemporary twist: Details such as traditional board and batt siding, pitched rooflines and a stone base are offset by enhanced wall heights, steel windows, and minimal overhanging eaves that create a contemporary vernacular. Together, the buildings blend in seamlessly with the estate’s natural, valley floor surroundings.Two French doors lead to an inviting outdoor deck, where visitors can unwind in Adirondack Chairs as well as tables and chairs under the shade of the winery’s hallmark oak tree carefully preserved during construction. Pocket windows on the back bar open up to frame the beautiful views of the vineyard and Mayacamas Mountains from the inside, as well as allowing wine service to visitors from the exterior deck.

Christi Coors Ficeli

“We are delighted to open the doors of our new tasting room and winery. Together, they mark a new chapter in the evolution of Goosecross Cellars – one that retains all of the charm and intimacy of the past while bringing into sharper focus our gorgeous natural surroundings, our emphasis on the visitor experience, and our goal of ever-improving wine quality.  We look forward to welcoming our loyal fans as well as first time visitors to stop by and experience the new Goosecross and our authentic, Napa Valley bottlings.”

The adjacent and complementary 3500-square foot winery building, which began operations with the 2015 crush, is framed in metal and echoes the board and batt style.  The interior, designed in consultation with Goosecross winemaker Bill Nancarrow, provides enhanced functionality plus all of the tools he needs for crafting the high quality, approachable varietal wines and innovative blends that are a Goosecross hallmark.  The modestly enlarged space houses ten, 1500-3000 gallon fermentation tanks, plus plenty of open space for small lot winemaking. The overall design also allows Nancarrow to flexibly expand his portfolio offerings in the years to come.

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