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Wine Oh TV Wine AppsThe heart of Napa wine country is just a short drive from the headquarters of companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter, so it’s no surprise that savvy entrepreneurs are combining their technical expertise with their love of the nectar of the gods. The first generation of wine-related sites and services made is simple to search for and order great wine on a Web browser, but today, entrepreneurs are moving off the browser and onto the smartphone. Check out three great apps that make it easier than ever to access, remember and order great wine — it’s all at your fingertips!



Wine Oh TV Wine Apps Available only in San Francisco for now, Rewinery (available for Web and iPhone) solves a frequent conundrum city wine lovers have faced: It’s 7 p.m. and friends are coming over in an hour. Food is the oven and you don’t have a good bottle of wine to serve… but the bodega across the street seems to only stock Yellowtail and White Zin!

Enter Rewinery. For $30, a bike courier will deliver two bottles of either red or white wine, to your doorstep in under an hour. Sound too good to be true? There’s a slight catch. You can only get the specific bottles they’ve selected for a given day’s delivery. If you’re making something that would go well with an oaky cabernet sauvignon but today’s delivery is a bright pinot noir… then bright pinot it is!

Rewinery isn’t a great way to stock a cellar, nor is it a sneaky way to save money on great bottles of wine. What it is, however, is a seamless way to get two bottles of wine in your hands without leaving your house, all in under an hour. Just make sure to tip your bike courier!

Download Free App Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rewinery/id499592379?mt=8


Wine Oh TV Wine AppsRemembering a delicious hard wine is difficult enough; trying to source where to buy it on top of that can be a time-consuming process. Meet Delectable, an iPhone app which helps you keep track of great wines you love… and if you really love them, it helps you order more!

Here’s how it works. If you’re drinking a bottle of wine you really like, take a picture of the label with the Delectable app. In a matter of minutes, they’ll identify the wine based on the label details. You can tag friends when you add a new wine – perfect for remembering who you were drinking a bottle with – and you can also leave tasting notes, general impressions etc.

Here’s where it gets cool: Say you’re enjoying a bottle of wine at a friend’s house and would love to get some for yourself; the Delectable app will actually find a source for you to order the wine and take care of all the details. From big names to small producers, they’re able to find an outlet willing to sell and ship. For most of the wines on Delectable, the shipping rate are the same whether it’s one bottle you’re interested in or an entire case, so keep that in mind as you get ready to place your order.

Download Free App Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/delectable-wine/id512106648?mt=8

Wine Notes

Wine Oh TV Wine AppsEveryone’s been there. You take a sip, swirl a little and try to come up with the flavors you’re tasting. One person shouts “tobacco” while you’re tasting berries and the guy next to you is convinced it’s more of a leather note you’re experiencing. Wine Notes is an iPhone app that allows you to easily track wines you’ve enjoyed (much like Delectable does) but with one feature that’s especially helpful — a picture-based tasting notes section that allows you to choose pictures of the flavors you’re finding in a glass of wine, rather than type them in.

With Wine Notes, you can either enter a wine’s information manually, or scan the bottle’s barcode. In tests, however, the barcode method proved a little unreliable (the app correctly identified a bottle from Cline, but couldn’t find information for three other bottles that were tested). Beyond that, however, the tasting notes portion is fun to use, especially with a crowd. As each person mentions what they’re tasting, you can add that to a given wine’s profile. Then, the next time you’re looking for a wine to go with a specific dish – say a grassy white to go with some seafood – simply search for “grass” in the flavor section of the app and it will display any and all wines with grassy flavor notes.

Download Free App Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wine-notes/id327885328?mt=8


Wine Oh TV Laura OppenheimerLaura Oppenheimer is a startup marketer by day and frequent patron of San Francisco’s best restaurants by night. She’s previously written for Chicagoist, Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. She strongly believes sparkling wine is for the everyday, not just special occasions.

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