How to Shop, Cook & Eat Like You Live in Sicily (VIDEO)


First Class Family Makes Olive Oil in Sicily Like a Fine Wine

Monique Soltani & Natalia Ravidà at Capo Market

A New Year often means a New You! As soon as the ball drops we start thinking about putting together our laundry list of things to fix. This same resolution list is often covered in dust by the time the Valentine’s Day candy is decorating the store shelves. I’ve never been a believer in resolutions (I’m more of an intentions kind of gal myself). 🙂

However, I do believe that people can and do change but actions not words are the differentiator. It’s not about fad diets or “Dry January”, it’s about simple choices that you make on a daily basis that make the difference. IMHO that is the key to having the healthy life you want and deserve.

The topic of healthy eating and adopting a healthy lifestyle is the perfect segue to one of my favorite Wine Oh TV episodes of the season. If one of your goals for the new year is too eat healthy foods, use seasonal ingredients, cooking simply, or to simply try something new, then this is the show for you. If you don’t have any of those resolutions but just want to learn more about Sicily, then this is also the show for you! So, sit back and tune in as we travel to one of my favorite places on the planet, SICILY!!

Come with me as I travel to Sicily and learn how to shop, cook, and eat Sicilian Style with Natalia Ravidà! If the name Ravidà doesn’t roll off your tongue just yet it should and it will. Her family makes arguably the best olive oil in Sicily and one of the top olive oils in the entire world.

In 1993, RAVIDA was the first Sicilian olive oil to win a national competition. As a result of RAVIDA shining the spotlight on Sicilian Olive Oil, RAVIDA has paved the way for many other wonderful Sicilian oils. The Ravidà family roots date back to the 14th century. Today, RAVIDA has a list of awards and accolades so long that it could give a Game of Thrones novel a run for its money. See for yourself here.

Harvest time starts mid-October and lasts no longer than 3 weeks. Much like a grape harvest, RAVIDA olives are picked by hand and cared for with heart.

RAVIDA is a family-run business that aims to produce olive oil like a first class wine

Natalia takes this KISS approach to cooking:

“My food is simple, light, cooked with extra virgin olive oil we produce, our vinegar and seasoned with RAVIDA sea salts. I’m obsessive about quality and seasonal ingredients. They are the key to healthy eating.”

Want to learn how to shop, cook, and eat like YOU live in Sicily? You are in luck! Natalia has a cookbook and even offers cooking classes. The next time your travels take you to Sicily, make sure you tell Natalia I said Hi, and that I am still salivating over her delicious dishes!

To learn more about RAVIDA and Natalia’s cooking classes visit

*Thank you to the fantastic crew at Gran Via Società e Comunicazione for shooting and editing this video

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