Meet the First Family of Sicilian Wine: Donnafugata (VIDEO)


The Rallo Family’s Sicilian Wine Revolution

Meet the First Family of Sicilian Wine: Donnafugata

Jose’ Rallo & Monique Soltani

When you think Sicilian wine one name comes to mind: Donnfugata! The name rolls off your tongue and the wine melts in your mouth. Donnafugata literally means “woman in flight” but the family behind the famous face is rich with history, rooted in the wine region, and isn’t going anywhere. Donnafugata is a family run winery in Sicily where strong women take center stage and family always comes first.

With 160 years experience in the wine industry under their belt, the Rallo family revolutionized the Sicilian wine industry. Pioneering the next generation of Sicilian wines using a quality based approach to help Sicily’s wine reputation rise.  Today, the family’s fifth generation is running the show and Sicilian wine continues to shine.

So, sit back and watch as Monique Soltani goes behind the bottle with the First Family of Sicilian Wine.

*Thank you to the fantastic crew at Gran Via Società e Comunicazione for shooting and editing this video


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