More than Milan: Undiscovered Italian Treasures

Travleing in Northern Italy Milan Monique SoltaniCulture, cuisine, fashion and finance, Italy’s Milan has it all. After you’ve seen Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, experienced the La Scala opera house, and overindulged in designers, we invite you to take your travels even further and go beyond Milan. When you sashay beyond the catwalk you will find a purrrfect pairing of Bella Vita, Bon Appetito and of course Vino!

Lombardia or Lombardy in English, is Italy’s richest region and is blessed with an embarrassment of riches. Lombardy’s regional capital is Milan; and the region’s other provinces are: Brescia, Lecco, Varese, Como, Bergamo, Sondrio, Cremona, Mantova, Pavia and Lodi. Its varied vistas include industrious cities, medieval towns, lakeside resorts, and a wine country that sparkles as much as the lakes do.

Travleing in Northern Italy Milan FoodIf you watched our first video, The Best Sparkling Wine You Have Never Heard Of you are already familiar with the fabulous wine of Franciacorta. In our second video, Italy’s Best Sparkling Wine: Franciacorta you heard first hand from the families behind the wine and fell in love with Franciacrota all over again. In our third and final video, Traveling in Northern Italy: Beyond Milan we are showing you the real region that doesn’t always make the headlines, but is well worth your time and mine.

For help planning your trip to Franciacorta visit: If you would like to learn more about how to set up wine tours and tastings visit:

Here’s a list of all the wineries and restaurants I visited and the hotel I stayed at when I traveled to Franciacorta in September 2013:

Winery Tours

Guido Berlucchi & C S.p.A.

Piazza Duranti, 4, 25040 Borgonato BS, Italy ‎

T. 39 030 984381

Antica Fratta

Via Fontana, 11 25040 Monticelli Brusati

T. 030 652068

Lo Sparviere

Via Costa, 2 25040 Monticelli Brusati

T. 030 652382


Via Paolo VI, 62 25046 Calino di Cazzago San Martino

T. 030 7750838

Contadi Castaldi

Via Colzano, 32 25030 Adro

T. 030 7450126

Barone Pizzini

Via San Carlo, 14 25050 Provaglio d’Iseo

T. 030 9848311


Via Manzoni, 3 25050 Ome

T. 030 6529800

Lantieri de Paratico

Via Videtti, 25031 Capriolo

T. 030 736151

La Boscaiola

Via Riccafana, 19 25033 Cologne

T. 030 7156386

Il Mosnel

Via Barboglio, 14 25040 Camignone di Passirano

T. 030 653117

Le Marchesine

Via Vallosa, 31 25050 Passirano

T. 030 6857933


La Dispensa Pani & Vini 

Via Principe Umberto, Torbiato Di Adro Brescia

T. 030 7450757

Hostaria Uva Rara Dinner

Via Foina, 42, 25040 Monticelli Brusati Brescia

T. 030 6852643

La Foresta Dinner

Via Peschiera Maraglio, 174 Montisola

T. 030 9886210

Il Priore

Via Sala, 41 Calino di Cazzago San Martino

T. 030 7254665


Relais Franciacorta

Via Manzoni, 29 Colombaro Brescia,

T. 030 9884234

Thank you to the Consorzio Franciacorta and Balzac Communications for sponsoring my first trip to Franciacorta and making it possible for me to share what I learned with all of you!

Special thank you to Ronald Holden for allowing me to use a few of his food photos in my video. Holden’s photos were taken at Dispensa Pane e Vini and Due Colombe, Ristorante al Borgo Antico in Franciacorta.

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