How to Order Wine By the Glass Like a Wine Pro (VIDEO)


Wine Trends: Red, White, and Orange Wine Secrets Revealed

In this episode of Wine Oh TV, Monique Soltani pulls up a seat and shares a few sips with Beau Rapier of Flatiron Wines & Spirits. The San Francisco hot spot focuses on small wine producers from around the world.

In this video, we are giving wine newbies and know-it-alls a taste of what’s hot in the world of wine. Watch the video for everything you need to know about how to order Wine By the Glass like a Wine Pro.

Beau breaks down the benefits of ordering wine by the glass, versus by the bottle, lets us in on a few insider secrets (hint: sometimes the Somm really does know best), serves up some advice on the absolute best wine to pair with a burger, and reveals which wines you must be drinking right now!

Three Wines Featured in this Episode of Wine Oh TV

COS, Terre Siciliane IGP Rami, $28.99 (the orange wine)

Young Ingelwood, Napa Cabernet VENN, $49.99

Arnot-Roberts, El Dorado County Gamay, $34.99

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