Sipping Seaside in Brindisi with Tenute Rubino

Puglia: Wine and Dine Along the Adriatic Sea
Romina Leopardi, Luigi Rubino & Monique Soltani

In our second episode of Wine Oh TV in Puglia, Monique Soltani makes her way to Brindisi for some seaside sipping along the Adriatic Sea, as our adventure in Puglia continues.

Monique teams up with the dynamic duo behind Tenute Rubino. Where she explores Susumaniello vineyards along the Adriatic Sea and learns about the important role women play in the vineyards.

Puglia: Wine and Dine Along the Adriatic Sea
La Frisella at Numero Primo

Monique tries her hand at making two traditional dishes: La Frisella at Numero Primo and Pizzelle at Il Frantoio, in the nearby town of Ostuni. And of course, Primitivo is front and center along our entire Apulian adventure.

Puglia: Wine and Dine Along the Adriatic Sea
Romina Leopardi & Monique Soltani

Puglia’s coastline is longer than  any other mainland Italian region. Historically Brindisi has been a major port town and remains one today.

The dry southern city sits in the Salento Peninsula or the ‘stiletto’ of Italy’s boot (the high heel part). Its strategic position on the Italian Peninsula and its natural port on the Adriatic Sea makes it a major trader with Greece and the Middle East.

Wines Featured in this Video

Puglia: Wine and Dine Along the Adriatic Sea (
Romina Leopardi, Monique Soltani, & Luigi Rubino at Il Frantoio

Punta Aquila

GRAPE Primitivo


ALCOHOL LEVEL 14,5% vol.


Bouquet This full and enveloping wine shows ethereal, fragrant and rich notes. It displays scents and nuances of cherries in brandy, mulberry jam, blueberry and blackcurrant, humus, tobacco and ginger, black pepper and herbs.

Taste Dynamic, coherent and of strong impact, it shows fascinating mineral aromas that well combine with the powerful structure of the fruit, the acidity and the pleasant tannins.

Characteristics It’s a warm and complex wine with a flighty personality, generous and vibrant, intense and concentrated, surprising while ageing.

Food matches Perfect with bucatini in boar meat sauce, pappardelle in hare sauce, pork stew, tripe rolls, stuffed meat rolls with tomato sauce, and tuna stew with mint. Very good with medium-seasoned cheeses.

Saturnino Rosato

GRAPE Negroamaro


ALCOHOL LEVEL 12,5% vol.


Bouquet Fragrant and fresh notes of violets, cherry and rose meet scents of pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry.

Taste Sapid, marine, mineral and round characteristics combine perfectly with a mouth- filling flavour.

Characteristics A dynamic and lively wine with a light and fine structure, it enchants for its harmony, its persistence and well- balanced elegance.

Food matches Versatile and enticing, it prefers tasty dishes such as stuffed aubergines, spaghetti with sea-urchins, seafood lasagne, risotto with porcini mushrooms. Very nice with focaccia from Puglia.

*This video was produced in partnership Gran Via Società e Comunicazione.

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