2013 Taiwan International Orchid Show (VIDEO)


Taiwan’s Largest Orchid Show

Hundreds of thousands of orchid aficionados and novices from around the world flocked to the 2013 Taiwan International Orchid Show, in Tainan, Taiwan. Tainan, currently supplies one-sixth of the global market’s orchids. The Taiwan International Orchid Show is Taiwan’s largest orchid exhibition and also one of the world’s premier professional orchid shows along with Tokyo Grand Prix International Orchid Festival.

In this video, Wine Oh TV’s Monique Soltani partnered up with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and shows us why the Taiwan International Orchid Show gives flower power an entirely new meaning.

The ten-day event “BLOOM: The Power of Orchid”, showcased the elegant flower’s extensive range and unlimited possibilities. In addition to the orchids, the exhibition also lets visitors get their fill on local delicacies, creative designs and products made from orchids. 2013 Taiwan International Orchid Show gave the general public a chance to take a close look and understanding of Taiwan’s endemic breeds, floral quality, and nursery techniques.

According to experts, export sales of Taiwanese flowers continue to grow every year, posting 10-percent growth to more than $190 million dollars in 2012. Overseas sales of Taiwanese orchids accounted for over $165 million dollars of total flora exports, proving the growing popularity of Taiwanese orchids.

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