The Best Food and Wine at Bay Area Ballparks! (RADIO)


Gianna Franco & Monique Soltani

Ever wonder what to order at the ball park? We are so blessed living in the bay area! We have the world’s best food in wine in our backyard and at the ballpark.

Check out my interview on  95.7 The Game talking about how to wine and dine at the ballpark! Make sure you check out Gianna Marie Suter Franco’s awesome new show “The Sports Dish” every chance you get! 💕

Listen Here:

Wine and Dine at the Park!

Next time your at the game, skip the beer and try some great wines!

“Nothing says baseball like warm temperatures, hot dogs and beer at the ballpark, but what about trying something a little bit different.  Did you know some of the best local wines are available at AT&T? The A’s are even rolling out two new signature wines for the upcoming 2017 season.

This week on The Sports Dish, Host and creator of Wine Oh TV, Monique Soltani, joins Gianna Franco and highlights some of the best wines (and what to pair them with) available at AT&T, The Coliseum and even Oracle.”-  Gianna Franco


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PUBLISHED DATE: March 24th, 2017 | WINE CATEGORY: Food & Wine Pairings
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