The Best Places for Wine Wednesdays in Las Vegas

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Image Credit: Pixabay

The Best Places for Wine Wednesdays in Las Vegas

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Have you ever heard about Wine Wednesdays? It’s slowly becoming a thing in Las Vegas, and the city’s locals are very happy about it. Who won’t be happy buying a glass of Chateau Lafite 1865 for half the price?

If you’re ever in Las Vegas on a Wednesday, here are some of the best bars to go to that offer happy hour deals on their huge selection of wines.

Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Bar/Lounge

Double Helix, like the name suggests, is a bar that has two branches in Sin City. One is located in Town Square, and the other is in the Palazzo. Both branches have splendid wine lists, and expert staff members who are ready to help out diners when it comes to which wine is best to pair with steak or fish.

The Happy Hour menu offers half-priced drinks on wines, whiskeys, and cocktails. The prices usually range from $4 during happy hour, and increase depending on the drink’s vintage and rarity.


An Italian bar is usually a good place to get wine. Ferraro’s cozy atmosphere, delicious gnocci, and fine red and white wines make this place a usual hangout among Italian foodies. The wine list is extensive, offering different varieties and vintages from all over the world. Ferraro’s is a good place to go to if you feel like your taste in wine matters as it serves one of the best Limoncellos in town!

Ferraro’s happy hour promises 25% off wines as well its food menu. The wine list is so big you’ll never run out of options at Ferraro’s.

Portofino at The Mirage

Portofino exudes luxury and elegance. Pair that with a long line of exquisite wines, and guests are instantly transported to one of the most stylish fine-dining restaurants in Las Vegas. The food quality and service are just some of the reasons why it’s garnered so many positive reviews over the years on Yelp. The lasagna, crab cake, and Cassata cheesecake are all highly recommended and can be paired with a slew of fine wines at Portofino’s.

Portofino’s wines are not as cheap as one can imagine given the fact that the place is a fine dining restaurant located in the famous Mirage. However, it should be noted that the food and wine pairings they offer are divine, which is only natural for a restaurant that has been in operation for decades. Restaurants, after all, come and go in Sin City and only the best survive for as long as Portofino’s.

The uncertainty around Las Vegas doesn’t just stop with its restaurants, and while Portofino’s among some of its other esteemed restos, has managed to stay afloat, others have fallen victim of many of the city’s casinos closing down.

The digitalization of gaming and bingo titles have crippled Las Vegas casinos for many a year, with the former made more attractive by a slew of bonuses such as huge cash jackpots, regular prize draws, and bonuses whenever a player refers a friend to a bingo game. To date, several physical casinos have closed down because of online gaming. In an attempt to revive the city’s vibrant nightlife, establishments other than casinos have pitched in to help Las Vegas get back on its feet, and one of these promotions is the creation of Wine Wednesdays that target people who enjoy dining out and love fine wine.

Do you have a favorite restaurant or bar in Las Vegas that serves fine wine? Share it with everyone in the comments section below!

Sponsored Post by: Catherine Smith

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