What’s the Deal with Wine On Tap? (VIDEO)


Wine Trends: Wine On Tap

We are tapping in to the latest wine trend. Call it keg wine, wine on tap, just as long as you bypass the wine bottle. In this wine video, Wine Oh TV‘s Monique Soltani meets with the founders of Free Flow Wines to get to the bottom of barrel wine. She asks the questions everyone’s thinking about drinking tap wine: How does keg wine taste compared to bottled wine? How long does one wine keg  last? Does keg wine work with age worthy wines and why should we even consider rethinking the way we drink wine?

If you prefer to order wine by the glass in stead of buying an entire bottle when you are at a restaurant you are not alone. By-the-glass wine orders are roughly 80 percent of the wine sold in restaurants, and that ads up to about 600 million bottles a year. If only five percent of by-the-glass wines came from a keg (one holds 26 bottles’ worth), it would keep over 30 million bottles out of landfills. Wine on tap reduces the cost of traditional bottle packaging and transportation. By eliminating traditional packaging (bottles, corks, capsules, labels and cases), there is a great deal less to ship and recycle, lowering the carbon footprint of the wine, restaurant and hospitality industries.

In 2009, two wine-industry veterans Dan Donahoe and Jordan Kivelstadt  developed the Free Flow Wines process of kegging, preserving and serving wine on tap that is now used by the world’s most respected wineries and their winemaking teams. In 2012, Free Flow Wines saved 347,254 bottles from the landfill in 2012, equaling over 260 tons of packaging waste.

Earlier this month, Free Flow Wines, announced that more than 250 premium wines are now on tap at more than 1,500 restaurants, hotels, sports and entertainment venues nationwide thanks to Free Flow Wines’ kegging and logistics services. Free Flow Wines has more than 100 large and small winery clients from Trefethen Family Vineyards in Napa Valley, to SIMI Winery in Sonoma.

Jamber Wine Pub

Jamber Wine Pub in San Francisco, CA serves California wine all on tap (nothing in bottles!) carefully selected by Matt and Jess (brother and sister duo) who personally visited the wineries searching for that elusive combination of optimal taste at minimal cost. Jamber also serves their favorite local brews and even do a few sodas, all on draft. Jamber’s menu is American Comfort Food selectively gathered from their favorite family recipes. Embracing sustainability, they are an SF Green business, and eagerly promote the use of bikes by providing bike racks right outside their pub.

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PUBLISHED DATE: August 30th, 2013 | WINE CATEGORY: Videos, Wine Education
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