Wine Wipes: Red Wine Removal Wizard (VIDEO)


Tannin Teeth Take Away

Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or to save a little face, this compact creation is the gift that keeps on giving. In this video, Wine Oh TV’s Monique Soltani pulls up a seat with the mastermind behind the wine stain stopper and finds out why Doctor Oz says when it comes to keeping your pearly’s white, Wine Wipes are the way to go.

Kimberly Walker on Wine Wipes being mentioned on The Dr. Oz Show

“Dr. Oz said there are two options for wine drinkers they can either drink out of a straw or they can use Wine Wipes.”

Wine Wipes Ingredients:


Baking soda gives off free radicals which penetrate the surface of the tooth′s enamel and make stain molecules clear. It also neutralizes acids that can corrode enamel.


Often referred to as the “polite teeth cleanser,” salt is a natural cleanser and antiseptic, helping remove stains and alkalinize the mouth to fight germs.


A real germ slayer, a small amount is included in the formula to help kill bacteria and viruses in your mouth. Peroxide also imparts a mild bleaching action, but not enough to strip enamel.


Known for strengthening teeth, calcium will adhere to teeth enamel and can help with re-mineralization.


To protect from further red wine stain, glycerin will coat teeth to keep your smile bright and white even through your second – or third – glass of red.


A flavor found naturally in red wine, as not to interfere with your next glass of red.

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PUBLISHED DATE: December 10th, 2011 | WINE CATEGORY: Videos, Women in Wine
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